Flocked yarn

Flocked yarn

Velours fabrics made with flocked yarns has demonstrated to be particularly suitable for automotive interiors.

In fact the Polyamide 6.6 high light protection used for the velour is warrantee of high light fastness and flocked yarn has a very good abrasion resistance and no pilling effect, suitable to the expected lifetime of a car.

The natural resilience of fibre PA and the structure of flocked yarn are so that also after hours of driving the velours is never completely crushed.

This mechanical solution creates in the fabrics many pores able to include relative big volumes of air so acting as a small size air-conditioning.

In fact, the air contained in the fabric drives externally the moisture due to the perspiration of the passenger and replaces easily with the air of the car room. An advantage in the hot as in the cold season. A feature of comfort the passenger will appreciate.

Fabrics made with 250/400 gr/mt2 of flocked yarn guarantee very good abrasion results and optimal adherence seat-passenger to avoid dangerous slipping.

Also in upholstery fabrics made with flocked yarns are very appreciated because of the richness and the comfort of the aspect and of the hand, particularly where the need of abrasion resistance and other mechanical requirement is higher as in contract upholstery furniture.