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About Us


Company  FINELVO  SRL , with seat in Piemonte,  north-west Italy,  is producing since 1968   flock  and  flocked yarns in Poliammide 6,6 with counts from  Nm.1,5 to  Nm.9,3,  mainly for automotive fabrics.

This company is organised vertically in complete process from cutting of PA pile  (flock) to dyeing to electrostatic flocking, this permitting  more flexibility in lead time and in developing.
The electrostatic flocking was born at the beginning of the Sixties. With this technique you get assembled together fibres  cut in the project length, on a support, a support multifilament yarn  in case of a flocked yarn, a support cloth in case of flocked textile.
The commercial name of Finelvo  FLOCKED YARN  is  “VOILA’, the yarn it is already a velvet”,
to remark the easiness to obtain  a velvet effect with traditional weaving structure and without special finishing.

Finelvo Company has a well structured developing team for flock-surfaces for technical uses with extreme mechanical requirement.  Equipped with lines for Flocking , finishing, embossing, flame-laminating on  tricots,  jersey, non-woven.
FINELVO SRL - Via Opificio Negri 2 - 13898 Occhieppo Superiore (BI) - Italia - P.IVA 00393380027

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